That Double Denim

11 Apr

Lately, I’ve been having quite the double denim obsession. If I’m not covered in denim from head to toe, than I’m not happy. It explains why my overalls have been getting so much wear lately. There’s something so effortless about double denim, or Canadian tuxedos, if it’s done right – I’m looking at you Olivia Palermo.

 dd2 dd6

If I had to offer any tips to pulling off the double denim look it would be these;

1. Jeans aren’t essential. If you’re originally like – woah, this is far too much denim to be on one human being at once –  try something other than jeans with your denim top, shirt or jacket. Go for a pencil skirt, or shorts. It will help you stop looking like you raided a Levi factory and put on everything you could find.


2. Mix up your washes. Different washes work really well together. I’m a big fan of black jeans and a denim shirt. It’s double denim, but super wearable. So look for different washes to separate your look and to ease the double denim transition.


3. Chambray is your friend. While chambray and denim are different as they are not woven in the same way, many classify chambray as a type of denim. It’s very wearable and usually lighter. Perfect for shirts to tuck into your denim jeans without adding too many ridiculous bumps and lumps.


4. Be confident. I recently wore overalls again for the first time since the early nineties. While these weren’t mint green with a face on them like my favourite pair back then, I was still in two minds. Did I look like a giant baby? In the end I decided I didn’t give a shit as they we’re ridiculously comfortable and I thought they looked cute. Turns out people freaking love overalls, although I doubt they would have been as enthusiastic about them had I felt awkward and out of place in them. If you love the double denim trend – go for it! Clothes are supposed to be fun!



Wardrobe Refresh

21 Mar

I promised to do an update of my purchases from Chicago and now I’m adding my London purchases to the list too! There’s nothing like updating your wardrobe with a few pieces. They can make all the difference and give you lots more options with your other clothes. I’ve broken up this wardrobe refresh by store, I hope you like it!


Madewell clothes

I think it’s pretty clear to anyone who regularly reads my blog that I am obsessed with Madewell! The brand constantly has effortless, timeless pieces in jeans, tees, dresses, shoes and shirts. I could happily spend hours in their stores as I find so many things to try on! They now have a small range available on Net-A-Porter which I’m so happy about as they don’t currently deliver to Ireland. While I was in Chicago, I picked up a few basic Slub V-Neck tees as I love the fit of these and already have them in a few more colours at home. They’re perfect for those days when you just want to wear jeans and a nice tee, while still looking put together. I picked up a lovely rose pink sweater too which you may have seen in this Instagram picture. It looks great with a layered white shirt and jeans. I spotted this mini skirt online before I went to Chicago and I know I wanted to get it! I love the zip detailing and the cross over front. Really cute and surprisingly suitable for work as well as regular wear. I spotted this gold layered necklace at the till when I was paying and added it in too. It’s ideal for those days when I’m too lazy to layer my necklaces! They don’t have this exact version online anymore, but they do have other awesome styles that you should check out!


Topshop clothes

Every time I go to London, I need a trip to Topshop on Oxford Street. While it is always insanely busy and usually a Saturday which is without a doubt the worst time to go to Oxford Circus, I still have to go. The store is huge and I always find so many things I want. Unfortunately I was majorly hungover on my last trip to London when I went to Topshop so it wasn’t the usual marathon! I did pick up a few things though. I seemed to be favouring raw hemlines that day, maybe because I was feeling pretty raw myself, but I love this skirt and shirt that I picked up. The simple shirt has a lovely swingy shape and the shade of blue is so lovely. The crepe mini skirt fits like a dream and I love the exposed zip up the front.


Zara clothes

Regular readers of this blog will also know that I’m a big fan of Zara. I’m always picking up a piece here and there. These three pieces I’ve picked up over the last couple of months and they’ve got a lot of wear. Especially this leather jacket. I’ve been searching for a soft, simple black leather jacket for ages. While I’m currently saving up for this beauty by Saint Laurent, this jacket will certainly do the trick. It’s soft, lovely fit and perfect for throwing on and heading out. This striped top has been very handy for work but I can definitely see myself wearing it casually too. I had been planning on wearing my favourite leather trousers out one night but just couldn’t find a top that I wanted to wear with them. I wanted something loose, that covered my arms but that wasn’t boring! This leopard print blouse did just the trick. You have to love the lunch hour shopping dashes!

I think the next things I really need to focus on are shoes. I regularly find myself struggling to find appropriate shoes to go with outfits. I’ve fallen into a rut of only buying trainers lately and while I love my trainers, I definitely need more options in my closet! Who are your go-to shoe brands? I’ve been looking at Steve Madden and Senso a lot lately. All suggestions are welcome!



London, 2015

1 Mar

I had such a brilliant weekend last week in London. It’s such a fun city and it was great to spend time with my friends and lots of my family. Plus the weather was amazing and now I’m officially craving summer! My weekend fun actually began Friday morning when I went to an International Women’s Day event in the Convention Centre in Dublin. It was amazing to be around such inspiring women and hear about their stories and experiences. The event was brilliant with great food, talks and people. So delighted I was able to go!


I kept my outfit that day fun but practical, while staying work appropriate. This great striped top is from Zara. I love the red, black and white together and for a shortie like me, the vertical stripes help to add the illusion of being slightly taller. Heels also help with that!


Top: Zara

Trousers: Zara

Heels: River Island

Later that evening I headed for London straight from work and went out straight from the plane! I changed into leather trousers and a leopard print top although unfortunately I didn’t get a picture. I’m sure I’ll be recreating that look again though! Friday night was so much fun, I was pretty wrecked the next day though! I went to brunch with my lovely friend Becky and then onto lunch with my family. It was so lovely to see lots of my cousins, aunts, uncles and my cousins baby. It was a lovely chilled afternoon in the sunshine with some wine. You can see from my pictures that my weekend centred around food a lot!

 IMG_0533    IMG_0488

I always find I do a lot of walking when I’m in London. Especially when the weather is that lovely. I stuck to a uniform of trainers and jeans all weekend as I wanted to be comfortable. I love my red New Balance so much! They just change a simple outfit so much.


Trainers: New Balance (similar)

Jeans: Topshop

White Top: Gap

Leather Jacket: Zara

It was a brilliant weekend away. I find that weekends away make such a difference and are a great way to recharge your batteries. Although my weekend was pretty non stop so I think I actually came home more exhausted than when I left! I really do love London though and I’m already planning my next trip!


I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!



Chicago, 2015

1 Mar

It’s been a month since my last blog post! Oh god that’s so bad, but it should give you some indication as to how insanely busy I have been. I’m back from an incredible two weeks in Chicago, one of my favourite cities in the world. I lived in Chicago for a summer a few years back, but this time I had the opportunity to go back in the winter. It’s like a completely different city in the snow!

 IMG_9528 IMG_9557

I literally have over 500 photos from when I was away so I’ve picked a few highlights to show you guys. It was tricky to get outfit shots because it was freezing so I was very wrapped up. Think minus 38 degrees with windchill! Also, I was in Chicago with work so lots of the outfits mid week were all work wear. Boring! I did however buy some new clothes which I will do a blog post about soon. The Madewell obsession is legit!

IMG_9558 IMG_9593 IMG_9567 IMG_9571

How awesome is the Cupcake ATM?! I got the nicest salted caramel cupcake from there. So tasty. We went to this restaurant called Bar Toma on our first weekend where you could get tasters of all their craft beers. I’m a huge craft beer fan so that was so much fun for me. Plus they did amazing pizza too. How can you not be happy with pizza and beer?!

IMG_9623 IMG_9703 IMG_9737

Midweek I was training with work, which was tough going. But we met some really incredible people from all over the world. One night we went to a bar and travelled there on yellow school buses! It was really bizarre. A lot of fun though. The main thing for me was how cold it was all the time. I would look so sunny and lovely outside but then you’d step out for  two minutes and come back inside like a block of ice!

IMG_9748 IMG_9756

Our second weekend in Chicago was so much fun! The friday night we went to Seasons 52 and had delicious cocktails and dessert tasters. I got a peanut butter mousse with a brownie base. I was literally in heaven! Where has peanut butter mousse been all my life? We then headed to Three Dots and a Dash where they do incredible cocktails in tiki glasses. We danced there for hours!


The following night was Valentines Day. We got up early in the morning to go to an Irish bar called Fado to watch the Ireland rugby match, that was seriously tense! We then did a bit of shopping before we went up to the 95th floor of the John Hancock building which has the most incredible view. The sun was starting to go down and everything looked amazing. We had booked to go to Public House for dinner and drinks. It’s one of my favourite bars I had been to before when I was in Chicago. There was about 50 of us there and it was a lot of fun! We headed out to Paris nightclub after and had the best time.


The next morning was all about a good breakfast and walking around the city.You can’t go to Chicago and not see the Bean after all! That was without a doubt the coldest day that we had in Chicago. There was flurries of snow and it kind of felt like we were being hit with ice when the wind blew! But on the upside, look how pretty everything looked! Seriously it was like walking through a postcard. It’s such a beautiful city in the snow.

 IMG_9885 IMG_9896 IMG_9898IMG_9895

The following week we just made sure to enjoy as much of our time there as possible. After two weeks of buffet style food, every meal in a restaurant was greeted with a huge amount of enthusiasm! Especially when there’s guac and cocktails involved! I had such an amazing time away with so many amazing people. There were so many occasions when I just thought about how lucky I was to be in one of my favourite cities with such a great group of people. No complaints here!

So I promise to not be so crappy with posting! I think the last while have been extreme circumstances so I should be back to normal posting from now on. I hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend!



Catch Up 6.0

1 Feb

Ok, so I’ve been super bad at blogging lately! Good thing it wasn’t a New Years Resolution or something because I would be pretty screwed right now if it was! Let me catch up guys up, yet again, and hope that I get my act together soon!

I’ve been having a pretty crazy month. I always think things will calm down after Christmas, but January is just as hectic. There’s been brunches, dinners, nights out, events, work and a million other things. I haven’t even been posting many outfits to Instagram because I’ve been busy running out the door! February is going to be even crazier so I will do my best to keep you guys up to date! This outfit I’m wearing below is classic and simple. Sometimes you just need jeans, a tee and a blazer to look put together. I love these new jeans I got from Dr Denim. Super stretchy and comfortable,with the perfect wash.

Classic Outfit

Blazer: The Kooples

Tee: Madewell

Jeans: Dr Denim

Boots: Topshop

You may remember in my last post that I went on and on about these leather trousers from Zara. I couldn’t wait to wear them! I felt like a modern day Sandy from Grease in my all black outfit with leather pants. It’s a super easy look and some red lipstick pulled it all together

Modern Sandy

Top: Asos (Similar)

Leather Trousers: Zara

Boots: Topshop

Necklace: River Island (Similar)

I went out for dinner and a catch up with my lovely friend Roisin recently, and when I came home, I had my Glossy Box delivery waiting for me. Perfect end to a lovely day! I have to say, I was really happy with the products in the Glossy Box. The only thing I won’t use is the blush. Purely because I have rosacea, and I don’t like a lot of colour on my cheeks. Plus the colour is a bit pink for my liking. I haven’t really used the lip balm as I am currently addicted to my Eos. All the other products however, are great. I’ve used the toner from Kueshi every day since I received it, and I love it. It’s super light on the skin and I feel fresher after using it. The gel highlighter from Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics is lovely. It’s easy to apply and you only need a small bit. The eyeliner from Me Me Me Cosmetics is quickly becoming my favourite. It’s a perfect shade to bring out the blue in my eyes and it glides on incredibly easily. In the picture below I am wearing the highlighter and eyeliner.

 Glossy Box January 2015Make Up Selfie

Foundation: MAC Studio Sculpt

Concealer: YSL Touche Eclat

Bronzer: MAC Gold Deposit

Eyeliner: Me Me Me Cosmetics in Clay

Highlighter: Jelly Pong Pong Cosmetics

Lipstick: MAC Please Me

If you know of any other good monthly beauty box subscriptions, please let me know. I want to try a few out before I decide on a yearly subscription. Although I have to say, I was a big fan of Glossy Box!



Catch Up 5.0

11 Jan

Another day, another catch up. I swear I completely forget about some outfits that I’ve posted on Instagram sometimes and it’s only a few days (ahem, or weeks) later that I remember to update you guys! So sorry about the delay! This post was further delayed by the fact that I had the post all ready to go, and then my computer had a freakout and deleted the whole thing. Lovely. So it’s taken me a week to get back to this because every time I looked at it, I got annoyed.

Just after Christmas, I headed out with a few of the girls. As tempting as it is to stay in your onesie for a week, watch Home Alone for the hundredth time and eat even more chocolate, sometimes I get to the point where you have to get up and do something else! I wore all black because a week of stuffing your face requires lots of the most flattering colour. You can’t tell that the skirt is leather and that the top is textured, so you’ll just have to take my word for it!


Blazer: The Kooples

Top: Asos (Similar)

Leather Skirt: Asos

Boots: Topshop

Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Post Christmas is the time for oversized sweaters. I can’t describe how important oversized sweaters are to me. The ability to be comfortable and hide the Christmas over indulgence is critical. It is not the time for tight clothing at all! I picked up this sweater in Topshop on sale, but there’s loads of other options out there right now while we all try to get ourselves back into shape!


Sweater: Topshop

Jeans: Topshop

Boots: Topshop

Hat: Zara (Similar)

About a year ago I bought these great leather trousers in Zara. They we’re a deep brown colour and I still love them to this day. I was thinking a few days ago that I really wanted them in black. I walked into Zara that same day and not only did they have them in black, but also mink and khaki! I was so happy, the fact that they’re great value doesn’t hurt either. I picked up a few other basics – this great denim shirt, jeans and a few simple tops. It’s a great way to refresh your wardrobe, by picking up some great basics.


Leather Trousers: Zara

Denim Shirt: Zara (Similar)

Sunglasses: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Yay! We’re all caught up again, finally. Here’s hoping that my Mac doesn’t freak out again and there’s no more lost posts. So annoying when that happens!

I hope you’re all having a lovely week.



Underneath Your Clothes

7 Jan

The New Year is always a time when I think about a wardrobe refresh. I don’t like waiting until spring to do a spring cleaning because I find after Christmas and the parties, dinners, family events, outings, trips etc, that my wardrobe is a hot mess and I can’t find a thing. Intervention is badly needed. Apart from physically refreshing my wardrobe, I also start thinking about the new pieces that I need, and often this begins with underwear.

I know it sounds so weird to talk about underwear, but I don’t think enough thought is given to what is essentially the base of all our outfits. Unless you’re one of those people that goes commando, in which case let your freak flag fly. I am firmly in the triangle bra-no wire-no padding-no nada camp. Yeah it’s a thing. I don’t feel comfortable in wired bras or ones that push me up, but that’s just me personally. It’s unfortunate because I find that so many padded bras that are so damn pretty but I just can’t bring myself to buy them. Anyway, I’m a total lingerie addict (I have a board dedicated to it on Pinterest), and below are some of my absolute favourites right now.

bras 6bras 7

I’ve always bought a lot of Topshop underwear because the do the whole triangle bra thing very well. I also love that I can get a matching set for a fairly reasonable price. There are matching bottoms to all of these bras but my main focus is usually the bra. For Love and Lemons, below, is one of those brands that I can’t get enough of. I have print outs of their lookbooks in my room, I check the site constantly and pretty much stalk the brand on Instagram. It’s true love you guys. Their underwear strikes that balance of sexy, fashionable and very wearable all at once.

bras 10 bras 9 bras 8

Urban Outfitters underwear game is strong. I bought two bras there in September, the very first one below, in black and burgundy and I love it. Super comfortable and easy to wear and looks great under a tee. It’s the kind of bra that you don’t mind if anyone sees it accidentally. Lots of cross overs and straps below I’ve just realised but I do love that in bras, it makes the functional a feature.

  brasbras 5 bras 4 bras 3 bras 2

If you’ve got a little more to spend and you want to go all out, then you need to look on Net-A-Porter. I could spend all day looking at the lingerie on that site. So many dreamy things.

bras 14 bras 13 bras 12 bras 11

And now you’re all filled in on my underwear obsession!



Belfast, 2014/2015

2 Jan

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years Eve. I’ve had a little blogging hiatus for the last few days. It’s good to just spend time focusing on your family and friends and leave the laptop alone for a bit! But now I’m back and looking forward to all the opportunities and moments coming up in 2015.


I spent my New Year in Belfast with my lovely friends. It was such a great trip, although I’m wrecked from it now! A few of us went up to Belfast on the 30th and did a little shopping. We had a delicious meal that night in Shiro with the tastiest cocktails. After that we went to Rita’s for an after dinner cocktail. We decided to have an early enough night that night due to New Years Eve being the next day.


Grey Polo: Topshop

Waistcoat: Zara

Jeans: J Brand

Boots: Topshop

The next day, five of us went on the Black Cab Tour of Belfast which was so interesting. We all really wanted to do something cultural and not just shop as many of us have been to Belfast before but haven’t done many cultural things. We went to the Peace Wall and got to sign all our names. Game of Thones fans will appreciate the fact that when I tried to take a picture of me pointing at my name, I missed completely and pointed at a certain famous saying!


Afterwards, we met the rest of the group for some dinner and drinks. We headed to the Merchant Hotel for another cocktail afterwards. It was so beautiful and decorated for the New Years Eve party. I would definitely recommend going there if you are ever in Belfast.


We headed back to the Hilton where we were staying to get ready. I felt like I was having one of those evenings when things weren’t working out too well. My hair wasn’t curling the way it normally would, my make up wasn’t working and I was feeling a bit blah. Luckily my lovely roommate Sarah snapped me out of that and it all ended up looking ok!

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/3d9/50476864/files/2015/01/img_8819.png 10888518_10152476250635064_5372711168136656870_n

Suit Jacket: The Kooples

Suit Pants: The Kooples

Shoes: Zara (Similar)

Ear Cuff: Topshop

We went out to China White and it was the perfect place to ring in the New Year. The music was brilliant, the drinks were flowing and I was with a group of brilliant, lovely girls. No better way to ring in the New Year than with your friends!


I hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve with loved ones. Thank you for reading in 2014, it has meant the world to me to see your comments and read your blogs in return. I wish you all love, happiness, friendship, health and fun in 2015!




Big thanks to my chicas who let me nab some of their photos!: Aisling, Jenny and Aine!

The 12 Days of Christmas: For The Girl Who Has Everything

23 Dec

This is the last post in my 12 Days of Christmas! I didn’t realise what a big undertaking it would be when I decided to do it, but I’m so glad I did it! I really hope that you have found some inspiration for either your own wish list, or for presents for friends and family. Today I’m going to look at gifts for the girl who has everything. We all have a friend or family member who is tricky to buy for, so I’ve come up with some gifts that should help. Simply click to shop!

Personalised Gifts

Getting something personalised is a great way to work around awkward gifts. I’ve had my eye on this Madewell tote for a while, and part of the reason is that I can customise it with my initials. Who wouldn’t want something bespoke like that?!

 madewell kate spade

Pure Indulgence

Sometimes it’s simple things that people wouldn’t think to get for themselves with that little touch of luxury that make great gifts. Take this Calvin Klein lounge wear set. They are fleece lined and ridiculously comfortable! Or play it safe with this gorgeous cashmere sweater from J Brand.

calvin 2calvineverything

Gift Sets

I am a huge fan of gift sets, it’s a great way to get a variety of products that you wouldn’t necessarily buy yourself. I have worn Jo Malone perfume since I was eighteen. I love their scents. The candles are to die for and this home set is sure to be a much appreciated gift. Creme de la Mer is one of those cult products that you can never go wrong with. I love the green drawstring bag that goes with it. The pretty pink set from Nars is perfect for the girl in your life who loves a pop of colour.

everything 2everything 4everything 3

Fun & Frivolous

Gifts don’t always have to be completely practical. It’s a good idea to have some fun with your gifts too! These Chandon bottles are perfect for Christmas Day drinks with friends and family – I love the white and gold together! This scratch map from Urban Outfitters is perfect for the jet setter in your life. I adore this Wild Thing clutch. It’s so much fun and would make any outfit unique and different.

chandoneverything 5everything 6

So there you have it. My 12 Days of Christmas! If you missed any of the posts, check them out – Make Up, Skin Care, Hair Care, Books, Movies, Jewellery, Shoes, Bags, For the Home, Watches and Gadgets. I just have a few more pieces to get for Christmas and then I can start wrapping!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones! I wish you all a happy, safe and fun Christmas!



Black & White Ball

22 Dec

As this is my first year working in a corporate company, I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed by the sheer number of parties! Christmas is always a crazy busy time for parties, dinners and going out with friends, but this year with the extra work parties, I’m finding it totally crazy! In the last four days I have been out for three dinners and a brunch. Feeling pretty tired now! But when you’re having so much fun it’s hard to say no!

About a week or so ago, I had my big work party which was a Black & White Ball. I really didn’t want to wear a full length dress, so I decided to wear a midi dress. This simple white dress was exactly what I wanted. Missguided have it in a few other colours and I will definitely be getting them too. Gold heels and jewellery with my camel coat completed the look and I added some red lipstick to make it more Christmassy. I will admit, I took this photo below at 5.30 am when I got home! I was too rushed leaving for the party so I didn’t get the chance before. Thank god my dress was ok at the end of the night, otherwise there would have been no photo!


Dress: Missguided

Heels: Zara (Similar)

Bracelets: River Island

Ear Cuff (that you can’t see!): Topshop

Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo

I had a bit of a disaster with the hairdressers. I was in a rush and my hair appointment got delayed. What can you do, these things happen. My hairdresser was so lovely and we got on really well. However, by the time I got home to change an hour later, my curly blow dry was flat and lifeless and looked like I hadn’t even had my hair done! I was pretty frustrated and annoyed as I was already late. I quickly curled my hair, threw on my clothes and make up and off I went. I hate rushing to get ready for parties, but once I arrived and saw the beautiful venue and my friends, I forgot all about it.


It was a really excellent night, everyone looked amazing too! Sorry I don’t have more photos for you guys, I’m trying to not be on my phone as much on nights out because then I don’t feel that I’m in the moment. Not ideal for a blogger to not be taking photos, but I enjoy my nights more and get to focus on my friends and that’s what it’s about!


Have you had any amazing Christmas parties recently?




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