The 12 Days of Christmas: For The Home

21 Dec

I know I normally focus on fashion on this blog, but interiors is something that I have become increasingly interested in over the last few years. It’s amazing the difference a few key pieces can make in your home. I’m really obsessed with gold and copper at the moment. I’m working on my room and making the furnishings as white as possible, with some gold and copper accents. Everything below is on my wish list to make my space as homey and pretty as possible. As always, click the photos to shop!


You would think I have some sort of cup obsession looking at this! Being Irish, it’s important to have nice mugs for the numerous cups of tea and coffee that you inevitably drink while having the chats! These letter mugs from Anthropologie are perfect! You also need to have the perfect glasses for cocktails and G&T’s, these copper and gold spotted beauties below do just the trick.

home 3home 8home 12

Soft Furnishings

I am a big fan of the throw cushion. Huge. You should take a look at my bed when it’s made. It’s a sea of throw cushions. Same goes for the couch. I also always need a soft snuggly blanket on hand for when I’m watching movies or taking a sneaky nap. I love this soft grey one below. Perfect for snuggling up with a glass of wine and a movie.

home 6home 10home 13

Arty Pieces

As my mom is an artist, I always find it important to pay attention to the smaller details and have some art pieces in the house. This doesn’t have to be high brown stuff, just things the compliment your home and taste. I love these lit up letters, my mom’s name actually begins with M and I have a feeling she would love this letter below!

home 5home 7

Finishing Touches

It is all about the finishing touches. Candles that make a room smelly dreamy, flowers for a splash of colour, ornaments and objects – it’s all in the little details. I find you can have so much fun with the little details. Take the mini zoo of gold animals below. They’re so cute and fun and a welcome addition to any shelf or coffee table!

home 2home 9home 11home 14home 4

We are nearly at the end of my 12 Days of Christmas – only one post to go! I hope you’ve been enjoying the posts so far. Check out the others in case you missed any – Make Up, Hair Care, Skin Care, Books, Movies, Jewellery, Gadgets & Tech, Shoes, Bags and Watches!



The 12 Days of Christmas: Jewellery

19 Dec

All year long I tend to wear the same jewellery – simple gold bracelets, gold rings, layered gold necklaces. However around Christmas, I like experimenting a little more. Sparkles, dramatic necklaces, bold earrings – nothing is off limits! Here are some of my favourite pieces available right now. Perfect for your Christmas events and nights out.


I think a statement necklace can completely change an outfit. It can make an average dress a wow dress, it can add a touch of glamour to an everyday outfit, and often, they’re reasonably priced. Below are some of my favourite show stopping necklaces.

jewel 2 jewel 3 jewel 4 jewel


I don’t usually wear earrings. I think they look weird on me. However I did wear a cuff earring last Friday to my work Christmas party and I loved it! I really should try to wear earrings more, seeing as I have 7 piercings in my ears! The two sets of J Crew earrings below are amazing!

jewel 9 jewel 11jewel 10  jewel 12


Bracelets are my favourite to wear. They’re so easy and many of them transfer really easily from daytime to night time. They make such a difference to outfits. Below are some awesome bracelets that will make your outfit pop this Christmas.

jewel 5 jewel 6 jewel 7 jewel 8


How incredible is the Oscar de la Renta multi coloured ring below?! It’s on sale by the way, and not as expensive as you would think! Midi rings are my favourite as I find it pretty difficult to find regular rings that would fit me. Add a show stopping ring to a plain black dress and it will go from average to amazing in no time!

jewel 13 jewel 14 jewel 15 jewel 16

I hope you guys are enjoying my 12 Days of Christmas posts! A lot of work goes into them and they’re a crazy undertaking considering how busy I am already – but I’m really enjoying doing them! If you’ve missed any of my other posts you should check them out – Make Up, Movies, Bags, Shoes, Skin Care, Hair Care, Books, Watches and Gadgets!



The 12 Days of Christmas: Hair Care

17 Dec

Hair care is pretty important to me. I never used to care that much about my hair until a few years ago. I realised that you can do so much with your hair and that it can make such a difference to your look. So since then, I’ve gone through plenty of hairstyles – bobs, bangs, midi’s, super long hair, layers and even dabbled with some pink in my hair. I tend to get the most compliments when my hair is longer, because I think people find it difficult to grow their hair as long as I do. If you’re looking to grow your hair, you can check out my top tips post. But back to the 12 Days of Christmas. There’s lots of great tools and products out there that will make a huge difference to your hair. Click the photos to shop!

Hair Tools

Having good tools to use on your hair is so important. It can be the difference in a great hair day and a bad hair day! I am loving this T3 Whirl Trio curler below. The interchangeable barrels gives you maximum control over your style and the fact that it’s white and rose gold is even better! A good straightener makes all the difference. I’ve had my GHD for over 4 years now and it’s still going strong. A decent barrel brush makes all the difference when you are blow drying your hair, so it’s definitely worth investing in.

hair 4hair 7hair 8

Hair Products

I don’t like using a lot of products in my hair, but some products are definitely necessary! This Original Mineral shampoo is excellent for detoxing your hair when it needs a refresher. The Kiehl’s hair pack is also excellent for restoring your hair and making it look it’s absolute best. If you have dry hair, so many people swear by Moroccan Oil. It is one of those cult products that people can’t live without. If you often use heat on your hair, heat protection is essential. This spray from GHD is perfect for protecting your locks.

hair 2 hair 3  hair 5 hair 6

Hair Tricks

Sometimes you don’t have a lot of time to spend on your hair. You’re in a rush, woke up late, have a super busy day or you’re on the go. Whatever it may be, these products will make a huge difference. I only started putting colour in my hair recently. It’s only a little around my hair line, but I do notice it growing out now. That’s where the Colour WOW Cover Up comes in. It comes in several shades and is a lightweight powder to cover up your roots in between salon visits. Well worth investing in ladies! I’m a big Bumble & Bumble fan and their Pret-a-Powder is excellent for those days when you’re hair is looking a little sad. And for those days when you need a lift, their Thickening Spray is essential!

 hair 10hair 11hair

Do you have any essential hair products or tools? I’d love to hear about them! If you’re still looking for Christmas inspiration, check out my other 12 Days of Christmas posts – make up, watches, movies, bags, books, shoes, skin care and gadgets!



The 12 Days of Christmas: Gadgets & Technology

15 Dec

Only 10 days to go! I’ve definitely got Christmas fever now! I love sitting in with my family watching Christmas movies. Elf was on yesterday, it’s definitely one of my favourites. There’s plenty of work parties on, friends are coming home for Christmas, and there’s dinners and nights out to look forward to with my girls. I had my work Christmas party last Friday (post of my outfit to come) and I actually got the idea to do this Gadgets & Technology post from that. I bought a really great phone charger in Madewell back in September, and it was a life saver on Friday as my phone was pretty dead! Here are some of my favourite gadgets to add to your wish list – click the photos to shop!

This is the charger that I mentioned above. It’s about the size of a credit card, really thin, and lightweight. It’s perfect for throwing into your bag and even fit into my tiny clutch at the Christmas party. Plus, the gold colour is on point!

tech 2

I am a huge fan of Frends headphones. I bought the oil slick ones below when I was in Miami in September and I use them every day. I love that they’re different to other, run-of-the-mill headphones and they don’t ruin your outfit! I love this new version of Frends x Baublebar! Gold and black is classic and the jewelled details are gorgeous.

 tech 4 tech 5

Here’s a super original gift for you! This is the instant photo printer by The Impossible project. You put your phone at the top of the printer and a few seconds later, you have your polaroid snap! I think this is genius. I have so many photos on my phone that I love, but I never get around to printing them. Definitely check out The Impossible Project. tech 6

I am obsessed with this lips phone cover! Stella McCartney you are a genius! I’m thinking I might have to buy it soon. It’s not exactly appropriate for work, they already think I’m crazy in there with all the online shopping I do, but why not have a cover for the weekend? This gold Marc by Marc cover below is the one you’ll have seen in all my outfit pictures. I always get compliments about this cover, although mine is looking a little worn after two years so I may need to get a new one.

tech 7tech 3

Obviously there are hundreds of other gadgets out there, but these are the ones that I use, or want to use. Plus, they won’t break the bank! Win win. I hope you’re enjoying my 12 Days of Christmas! Check out the other posts – Make Up, Watches, Skin Care, Shoes, Movies, Books and Bags!



The 12 Days of Christmas: Skin Care

13 Dec

We’re on the second half of the 12 Days of Christmas now – I hope it’s helping you with your wish lists and Christmas presents! There’s nothing nicer than finding the perfect present that you know someone you love will love. It’s a great feeling. I love putting time and thought into everyone’s presents. The nerd in me makes a big spreadsheet filled with ideas, budgets and plans! It’s the only way I can keep track!

Today I want to show you some of my favourite skin care products. Personally I love getting skin care products for Christmas. It’s really nice to pamper yourself in January and get yourself feeling your best. As always, click the photos to shop!

 Girl on the Go

You know the drill, you get home late from work, or a night out, and the last thing you want to do is spend ages on your skin when all you can think about is your bed! Obviously I’m not encouraging using these quick fixes all the time, but occasional use is perfectly fine. A girl needs to get her glow on the go too! I swear by the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour creams. They are incredible for moisturising and  are so healing. If you’re like me and suffering from chapped lips because of the cold weather, the Intensive Lip Repair Balm is worth checking out.

skin care 3 skincare 2 skincare 4 skincare

Deep Cleanse

Then we go to the other extreme. These are the times when I gladly spend over an hour in the bathroom – exfoliating, cleansing, toning, moisturising, using all the serums, lotions and potions that I can find on my skin. You actually feel like a whole new person afterwards. That may be because you have removed an entire layer of skin though… I’m actually going to do a big cleanse this weekend in time for Christmas. Nothing nicer than fresh, soft skin.

 skincare 7 skincare 8 skincare 9skincare 10

Cult Products

I swear by the MAC Mineralize Volcanic Ash exfoliator. It is amazing! My mom and my sister love it to. Any time we feel a breakout coming on, we exfoliate with this and it makes things so much better. I will warn you that it’s a fairly tough exfoliator, so don’t use it before going out to an event or anything. I’ve also been converted to the Beauty Blender. These things are amazing! It gives the loveliest finish to your make up and I feel that it makes my foundation last for longer. The This Works range is incredible, I don’t know where to start there’s so many things that I want from that range!

 skincare 11skincare 6skincare 12skincare 13

I hope you guys have found some inspiration in this post! What are the skincare products that you can live without?



The 12 Days of Christmas: Shoes

11 Dec

I haven’t always been a shoe fanatic. One of my best friends made me go shoe shopping one summer when she realised that I was eighteen and didn’t own a pair of heels yet. After that I’ve kind of been hooked. Boots, heels, sneakers, sandals, espadrilles, OTK boots – I literally am obsessed! Today’s instalment of The 12 Days of Christmas is dedicated to shoes in all their glory. Click the photos to shop!


There’s nothing better then the perfect boot with jeans, a tee and a leather jacket. Like, literally nothing better. It is my go-to look when I have no idea what else to wear. I have my eye on the Isabel Marant Dicker ankle boots – they are so perfect! I literally can’t think of an outfit that they wouldn’t go with.

shoes 2shoesshoes 4shoes 3

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are another big favourite of mine. These are the boots I wear when I know I’m going to be walking around a lot instead of heeled boots. As much as I love my heels, sometimes a girl has got to go for comfort!

   shoes 5 shoes 7shoes 16shoes 6

Over the Knee Boots

Regular readers will know that I often talk about my struggles with being a shorty! Over the knee (OTK) boots are such an obsession of mine but I am yet to find the perfect pair for my height. The grey Stuart Edelman OTK boots below are literally the boots of my dreams but I know just from looking at them that they would completely cover my legs rather than the over the knee look.

shoes 10shoes 9shoes 8   shoes 17


The below heels are some of my top picks for Christmas outfits this coming season. Jewelled tones and gold are always a safe bet. I actually have the blue River Island heels below and I also have them in light grey too. They are the perfect shape and style and I would highly recommend you get yourself a pair! I adore the emerald Louboutins below, they are flawless!

shoes 11 shoes 12shoes 13 shoes 14

I hope I’ve given you a little taste of shoe heaven today. Are you as shoe obsessed as I am?



The 12 Days of Christmas: Movies

9 Dec

Today in the latest instalment of the 12 Days of Christmas, it’s all about movies! One of my favourite parts of Christmas is getting to watch movies. The Christmas tree is lit up, the fire has the room all cosy – it’s literally something I look forward to so much. I find during the year I don’t take the time to sit back and relax with a movie, but at Christmas it’s essential! There are so many amazing fashion movies out there – both classic and modern. As always, just click the pictures to shop!

The Classics

You can’t beat a good classic fashion movie. I know what you’re thinking, Clueless – as if?! But the movie is 20 years old next year, so I think that makes it a classic! Also, you literally can’t go wrong with Audrey Hepburn movies. All of them are excellent fashion movies but Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Funny Face are too of my favourites. Sit back with some macaroons, hot chocolate and enjoy!

movies 5movies 4movies 6


Fashion documentaries are so much fun to watch. You learn so much and see so much of the fashion industry that you would have never seen before. The September Issue and Bill Cunningham New York are two of my favourites. To get to see the day to day lives of two of the famous faces of fashion is fascinating to me! Definitely check them out.

movies 2movies 9movies 8movies 10

The Cult Following

Sometimes there are movies made that just beg to be quoted forever. The Devil Wears Prada is an essential movie for everyone who loves the fashion industry. Meryl Streep is her usual flawless self and Anne Hathaway literally lives out my life’s dream in the movie! Let’s not forget Zoolander possibly the craziest fashion film of all! Of course I can’t forget Sex and the City – it’s a must watch!

         moviesmovies 11movie 3

So there are some of my favourite fashion films. Of course there are many, many more but there is plenty here for everyone I believe. What are your favourite fashion films?



The 12 Days of Christmas: Bags

7 Dec

Day four of the 12 Days of Christmas and today I’m looking at bags. I could never leave my house without my bag. It carries everything from my purse, headphones, make up, potentially a change of shoes, work things, food, my mac, my charger… basically I don’t travel light! Bags are definitely worth investing in as they carry your world, if you’re anything like me that is. Christmas is the perfect time to invest, or to buy an amazing clutch to go with your party outfits. I hope you guys find some inspiration here! As always, click the photos to shop!


I have a big obsession with tote bags lately, they’re so versatile and really handy to have. Some of these totes are in-the-future-dream-totes and some are more realistic!

bags 2bagsbags 3bag 4bag 5bag 6


Clutches are essential for the party season. They’re a lot easier to carry around and they mean that you have to bring only what you need. Preventing you from dragging around a load of unnecessary stuff! Try a clutch in black or jewel tones as they will go with almost anything!

bag 8 bag 9 bag 10 bags 7bags 11bags 12

Cross Body Bags

Cross body bags are so versatile. They can be dressed up or down and work with daytime and nighttime looks. Again, lots of bags here on the ‘Some Day’ list!

bags 13 bags 14 bags 15 bags 16 bags 17bags 18

So these are some of my top picks of bags for this Christmas. It’s definitely the time to invest in a bag and put one on your wish list. Whether its a tote, clutch or cross body bag you’re looking for, I’m hoping I’ve given you some inspiration!



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The 12 Days of Christmas: Books

5 Dec

We’re now on day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas. I’m really enjoying putting these posts together, I’m getting a lot of inspiration myself and my wishlist is growing longer by the minute! Today I’m going to focus on books because fashion books are definitely having a moment. We’ve all seen those Instagram pictures with the artfully displayed fashion biographies incredible coffee table books. Well today I’m going to show you some of my favourites.

Memoirs, Biographies, Autobiographies

Those of you who are fashion obsessed with recognise these names and faces. Each of these books gives a unique insight into the world of fashion across a range of different areas in the industry.

books 3  books 5 books 6 books 7

Insight & Fashion Advice

I’m a bit of a sucker for advice books, but when they’re funny, smart and fashion based? It’s really a win-win! These should be top of your reading list if they aren’t already. I mean come on, who doesn’t love Leandra Medine?!

books 8books 4 books 9 books 12

Coffee Table Volumes

These are the books you want in your living room. Settled on the coffee table for you to pick up and look over and admire. Stunning photographs and incredible insight. These books are to be treasured.


Obviously, these are just a few of the amazing fashion related books out there. There are plenty more to pick up out there and I really recommend them. I received Alexa Chung’s book “It” last Christmas and it’s one of my favourite books to dip in and out of. The same goes for my book on Alexander McQueen designs and my Audrey Hepburn books. You will get an insight into the world of fashion from a unique perspective – what fashion girl wouldn’t want that for Christmas?!



Check out my other 12 Days of Christmas posts: Make Up and Watches

Catch Up 4.0

4 Dec

Finally we’re all caught up! Well, once you read this post that is! I’m still learning to balance my new job, this blog, seeing friends and family and all the other little things I have signed up to do. It can be a struggle, but I just need more practice. I’m sure I’ll find the right balance soon!

I had so much going two weeks ago! Firstly I went out for dinner with my girls as one of our best friends was home from London for the weekend. There’s nothing better than dinner, drinks and chat with your girls! The Christmas lights have officially been turned on in Dublin! It’s so exciting to see them and looks gorgeous at night. I was all wrapped up that evening as I’m really starting to feel the cold now.


Coat: H&M (Similar)

Sweater: Madewell

Jeans: Topshop

Boots: Buffalo

Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I need better lighting in my room. This top is actually dark green, which you cannot tell at all from the picture, so you’ll just have to take my word on it! It’s perfect for work and a little bit different with the frilled sleeves and hem. So pretty!


Blouse: Zara – I still can’t find any link to this top or something similar, but I’ll keep looking!

Skirt: Sandro (Similar)

Shoes: Marco Moreo (Similar)

Necklace: Topshop

In an effort to stop wearing so much black to work all the time, I bought these grey trousers. They’re actually a great fit. Tailored at the ankles, high-waisted, not weirdly tight in any places. A definite winner in my books! They’re a lot lighter then they appear in the photo (again, lighting issues) and are super comfortable to wear.


Trousers: River Island

Sweater: Zara (Similar)

Hat: Forever 21 (Similar)

Shoes: Marco Moreo (similar)

Coat: Zara (Similar)

Necklace: Topshop (Similar)

I had a really lovely evening a few weeks ago as I met up with all these lovely bloggers below. It was such a great evening, even though I was running from work and looked a state! They’re all super sweet and it was so nice to learn about their amazing blogs.


Last September I wrote a post about one of my best friends. We’ve known each other since I was about 8 and she moved to Australia for a year. It was horrible when she left and I’ve missed her like crazy, but the good news is that after 14 months away – she’s back!! I literally couldn’t be happier to have her living down the road from me again! I went over to her house for a few drinks and chats. Definitely one of the longest most emotional hugs I have had in a while!


Crop Top: Topshop

Leather Skirt: Sandro (Similar)

Boots: Topshop

Necklace: River Island

Yay! Now we’re officially caught up! I have lots more posts planned that I will hopefully have coming your way soon. Brace yourself – it’s going to be very Christmassy and involve a lot of excitement from me!




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