How to Grow Long, Healthy Hair

2 Oct

One of the major trends that emerged from Paris Fashion Week is the trend for long hair. Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Givenchy – they all had long, luxurious locks and went totally against the shorter hair trend that has dominated the runways for several seasons. I’m pretty lucky to have long, healthy hair and I thought I would do a post with some tips on how to grow out your hair. I will remind you that it is a process. Any “quick fix” that you find on the internet simply isn’t true. But there are somethings you can do to help your hair to grow long and healthy.

I asked my friend Jenny to help me out with this post as I want to give you tips depending on your hair type. I have never dyed my hair (apart from pink dye at the ends two summers ago) and I have naturally oily hair. Jenny has highlighted hair and her hair would be dryer than mine. Like me, Jenny has long, thick hair, so she is the perfect person to get some advice from! Below is a picture of the both of us in Vegas last year. Neither of us are wearing extensions, so our tips are definitely working for us!


1. Regular Haircuts

If you have highlighted or dyed hair, you should aim to have your hair cut every 10 weeks. Split ends lead to thinner hair and regular trims are essential to combating this issue. Lots of people complain that their hairdresser takes too much off, when all you asked for was a one inch trim. Truth be told, if your hairdresser is cutting off more than you ask, it’s probably because you need it. If you are consistent with your cuts, you’ll find that your hair will be stronger from root to tip. Personally, I’m not great with getting my hair trimmed often, however, because I follow the tips below, I find I don’t get many split ends.

2. Blow drying, Curling or Straightening

Regular blow drying, straightening or curling can seriously damage your hair. That level of heat on your hair does it no favours. Personally, I try to avoid using styling tools too often. My hair used to be a lot thinner and I found when I stopped blow drying my hair every time I washed it, and stopped straightening it often, my hair became much healthier. Try to air dry your hair when you can and embrace the more natural look (another huge trend from Paris this season), or wear your hair up occasionally. If you can’t bear the thought of not styling your hair, heat protectors are really important to use. You can either use leave in conditioners, or a spray to put into your hair while it is wet. A small amount goes a long way!

3. Shampoo

It is so important to buy the right shampoo for your hair. Don’t just pick up any old shampoo. You should read reviews, research the right one for you and invest. As Jenny says – your hair is visible at all times. And a good shampoo is the basis to great looking hair. As my hair is oily, I use two shampoos. The first is a shampoo for oily hair and the second is a shampoo for normal hair. My hair needs the two washes as otherwise it isn’t quite clean enough, no matter how much I scrub. If you have dryer or dyed hair, one wash is plenty.

4. Deep Conditioning

Ladies, if you have oily hair like me, skip this step. Deep conditioning will clog your scalp, preventing your hair from growing and will leave your hair looking pretty limp and lifeless. However, if you have dry or highlighted hair, deep conditioning is a must. Spending an extra 5 minutes in the shower with a deep conditioner in your hair will do the world of good. If you have more time, apply a hair mask to your wet hair and wrap in a damp hot towel. After 15 minutes, rinse it all out.

5. The Wash

The reason you get such a great head massage when you have your hair washed at the hair dressers is because they are stimulating the follicles. Spend a bit of time in the shower massaging your shampoo into your head and then rinse with warm water. Be careful as water that is too hot can cause breakages in hair, water that is too cold can thin out hair. Before your put your hair in your towel, squeeze (never twist!) your hair to try to get the excess water out. Twisting your hair can cause breakages, especially as your hair is at its weakest when wet. Also, don’t brush your hair when it’s wet! Use a wide toothed comb and be gentle.

6. Give Your Hair a Break

If you are constantly highlighting your hair, consider having lowlights occasionally. Your hair becomes really susceptible to damage when regularly highlighted. Unless you 100% need to, don’t wash your hair every day. You’re not giving your scalp time to replenish the natural oils and regular washing can wreak havoc on your scalp. Invest in a good dry shampoo and use sparingly to get you through the second day. Don’t forget to give your hair a break from products too. Excessive products can weigh down hair, causing more harm than good.

Following these tips won’t give you Rapunzel hair overnight, but it will give you the right base to grow healthy and strong hair. You can see below how quickly my hair grows. The first picture was taken on New Years Eve last year, three days after I had my hair cut to just below my shoulders. The second picture is from last month, just nine months later. As you can see, my hair has grown really quickly, and before you ask, I promise there are no extensions in my hair!

FullSizeRender-11 FullSizeRender-10

Big thanks to Jenny (who you can follow on Instagram to see more pictures of her incredible hair!) for sharing her top tips with me. I hope you all find something useful out of this post. If you would like any more specific information about our hair routines, let me know!



MFW: The Best Bits SS15

28 Sep

I have to say, I love Milan fashion week. There’s something so vibrant about it. Milan brings the flair to fashion week. However, this year, while still showing a love for all things opulent, Milan was a more understated version of itself. Still sexy and sassy, but with a refined edge. Lots to love and lots to look forward to wearing next season.

1. Belted Coats

The absolute fastest way to make a coat flattering is to belt it. Emmanuelle Alt is a big fan of this trick as am I. It adds shape to your waist and can make a generic coat a little more special. You can either buy a coat that comes with a tie or you can add any variety of belts to your coat collection to instantly, and cheaply, update them. Win win.

bottege veneta 3gucci 4guccimarni 2gucci 7gucci 3

2. Sport Luxe

Sport Luxe is definitely looking to be a big trend next season as we saw in London. Sporty sandals, trainers, tennis whites, stripes – it’s fairly simple to add to your wardrobe for a sporty update. I am especially loving the leather Fendi leather dress with the white and orange details. Such a fantastic take on the trend.

emporio armani 6philipp plein 3bottega venetafendi cemporio armani 2fendi 2

3. All About Leather

Leather was all over the runway. A Barbie pink dress at Moschino, buttery caramels at Prada, biker reds at Philipp Plein. Leather doesn’t need to be restricted to black leather jackets. It’s time to have fun with it and embrace colour. I love the pairing of the sleeveless studded cream biker jacket, with the white 50’s style skirt at Phillipp Plein. Such a fresh take on the look.

versace 4moschinoprada 4philipp plein 2prada 3philipp pleinemilio pucci 4

4. Show Some Leg

So far, including New York and London, this trend is the reigning champion. The trend you definitely need to look out for next season. In fact, you can embrace this trend soon. Pair your skirt with a thigh high slit with boots and a long sleeve top for a autumn take on the trend. You may find that it’s an easier trend to wear than you originally think.

alberta ferretti 5gucci 5versace 3versace 2just cavalligiorgio armani 4

5. Bringing Back Boho

The bohemian vibe was strong in Milan. Kaftans, boho prints, long floaty maxi dresses in lace with suede waistcoats. It was all there. Sienna Miller and other boho fans will have plenty to choose from next season with Etro, Roberto Cavalli, Missoni and Alberta Ferretti all embracing the boho vibes. Easy to wear, classic festival attire will inescapable next season.

etro 2etroroberto cavallimissoni 4missoni 2roberto cavalli 5alberta ferretti 6alberta ferretti 4

6. Opulence

This is what Milan is all about. The extravagant, opulent, over the top. It’s what we expect from Milan. Lace at Emilio Pucci, metallics at Roberto Cavalli, cobalt blue dramatic ruffles at Emporio Armani. However, no one does opulent as well as Dolce & Gabanna. Bright reds, bejewelled dresses and boots, intricate lace, detailed corsets, crowns heavy with jewels, florals and slinky black dresses. It was a total feast for the eyes – and wearable when done right.

dolce and gabbana 4roberto cavalli 6emilio pucci 3dolce and gabbana 5emporio armani 7dolce and gabbana 6giorgio armanidolce and gabbana 2prada 5

7. Seeing Stripes

I’m trying to put into words how much I adore the blue and white striped trouser suit from Emporio Armani, and I just can’t, I love it! Stripes were ever present on the Milan runways showing up as transparent strips, graphic cut outs, and bold colour blocking. Not for the faint of heart, after all, horizontal stripes are hardly the most flattering, but it’s not impossible to pull off this look.

emporio armani 5emporio armani 4fendi aroberto cavalli 2emporio armantroberto cavalli 3versace 6versace 5

8. Plumage

Feathers made a few appearances at Milan fashion week and this is definitely a trend I can get behind. I am still on the hunt for the perfect feathered skirt and dress. Next season may be my season to find my elusive skirt and dress if the Milan runway is anything to go by. That powder blue dress from Fendi is perfect in every way – the subtle ombre, the colour, the cut and style. Gorgeous.

fendi dfendi eroberto cavalli 7roberto cavalli 8sportmax 6

9. Suit It Up

Call it Armani’s influence but there was a lot of work wear appropriate clothing on the Milan runways. Beautiful suits, sharp skirt and cardigan combos, which were anything but dated, and smart midi coats. As I am starting a new job where I need to get a whole new work wardrobe, this trend is especially interesting to me now!

dolce and gabbanagiorgio armani 3giorgio armani 2todstods 4emporio armani 3bottega veneta 4jil sander 3

10. Khaki and Cream

I am loving this neutrals trend that appeared in Milan. Subtle, understated and elegant. Its a great trend to wear now and transition you into next season. Sportmax and Bottega Veneta are favourites of mine leading this trend, see the first three pictures below. The neutral colour palette combined with the front ties is a look that I definitely want to replicate.

bottega veneta 2sportmax 2sportmax 3alberta ferrettigiorgio armani 5maxmara 2marnisportmax 4missoni 3

Milan, in it’s slightly less overtly sexy version of itself, has given us lots of gorgeous trends to look forward to next season. The end of Milan fashion week always brings a twinge of sadness as it means that there is only Paris fashion week left. As always, keep a look out for my Paris trend report which I am working on currently, and take a look at my New York and London fashion reports if you missed them.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!



Miami, 2014

27 Sep

Miami was such an incredible trip! I had never been to Miami before and I have to say, I will definitely be back. The beach, the music, the food, the shopping – it’s such a fun place to go with friends and have a ball! After the madness of New York and doing so much walking and running around, it was really nice to have some time to relax by the beach. Although, Miami wasn’t as relaxing as I think we thought it would be!

Day One

We arrived from our New York flight in the afternoon in Miami. The heat was amazing. That’s something I always love about holidays, stepping off the plane and feeling the heat hit you. Love it! We arrived at our gorgeous apartment which was right on the beach, dropped off our bags and headed straight for the beach. It was so nice to walk along the sand and go for a dip in the sea. The weather was quite cloudy but it didn’t matter as we were so hungry and dying for one of those giant cocktails! They are so overwhelming when you first see them, but so tasty! That night we headed to a club called Mansion which had a circus theme. Think acrobats doing tricks in the air over your head and guys with elephant faces dancing around you. So bizarre!


Day Two

The next day, all we wanted to do was lie by the beach all day. It was definitely time to relax! A few dips in the sea and some sunbathing was exactly what was needed. Sometimes you just want to relax with your friends and have chats. That night we went to Bâoli restaurant for the most delicious meal. There was amazing sushi to start, teriyaki salmon and steak burgers for mains with delicious fresh salad and then an incredible melting chocolate pudding for dessert, with some champagne to wash it down. Not the best night to wear the tightest dress I own! It was so tasty I didn’t even care. Without a doubt, the best meal I had on holiday. We then went to a club called Mynt for a couple of hours before heading to the Wall bar at the W.



Day Three

Starting your day off at the beach is definitely something that I could get used to. I live so close to the beach here in Dublin, but trust me when I say it really isn’t the same as Miami! Unfortunately, the weather took a bit of a turn and it got pretty gross out. We’re positive girls however and decided to go shopping for the day. A quick trip to PinkBerry for some amazing frozen yogurt and then we headed for Aventura shopping mall. You really do need a map for that place! We headed back to South Beach and the girls went rollerblading. I skipped on the rollerblading as I am about as graceful as a newborn baby lamb on wheels, or ice skates. How cute do those four look though?!


Day Four

I think I can safely speak for the girls when I say that the Saturday in Miami was one of the best days ever. We went to Hyde pool party at the SLS that afternoon. It was so much fun having champagne by the pool and talking with this really lovely group of guys we met from England. After a while we were all in the pool, absolutely soaked and potentially being the loudest people at the party! As much as I love the beach, sometimes it is lovely to chill by the pool and avoid the sand for a while. That night we went to Calvin Harris at LIV in the Fontaine Bleau. For anyone who has been to Vegas, LIV is definitely up there with the best Vegas clubs. We saw Calvin Harris last year in Hakasan in Vegas, but this time managed to be even better as we were right at the front and had the perfect view of the entire club, and Calvin of course. It was the most incredible day and night, it literally couldn’t have been better!

    IMG_6394IMG_6051IMG_6306  IMG_6391   IMG_6096IMG_6133IMG_6182  IMG_6103IMG_6106IMG_6119IMG_6173

Day Five

This was our last full day in Miami and we moved to a hotel called the Mondrian. This hotel is beautiful! Right beside the water with a stunning pool and gorgeous surroundings. We were in heaven! We chilled by the pool all day, ate, had cocktails. It was exactly what we needed after such a crazy day yesterday. We had planned on having a relaxing night in that night, but we ended up being brought on a boat tour of Miami! It was incredible, the Miami skyline is so pretty at night. Our friends brought us to this really nice margarita bar at Bayside mall, which is on the water front. I love the Cuban culture in Miami. There was so much singing and dancing going on around us, it was such a fun night!

IMG_6269IMG_6301IMG_6299IMG_6393IMG_6352IMG_6362IMG_6412   IMG_6239

Day Six

Our last day in Miami was all about relaxing by the pool. I honestly could have sunbathed by the pool forever, it was so relaxing. The only thing that stopped the day from being perfect was the fact that we had to say goodbye to two of the girls. One was heading back to New York and one to London. Goodbyes are crappy, I couldn’t hate them more! But we’ll all be reunited soon so it was more of a see you later than a goodbye.


I would definitely recommend a Miami holiday to anyone. You have the beach, shopping, night life, amazing food – it’s all there! It was the most incredible holiday. Having done two cities one after the other, I’m tempted to do that on future holidays too. It’s almost like a holiday within a holiday.


Miami was also my last trip of the summer. As soon as I landed back in Dublin, it felt like it was officially Autumn, the presence of Fashion Week also spurs on that feeling for me. I’m looking forward to buying cosy sweaters and coats and all the new adventures coming my way this winter.



P.S – Big thanks to my girls again for their amazing photos! Aisling, Becky, Jenny & Sarah – love you guys! x

LFW: The Best Bits SS15

24 Sep

London Fashion Week is normally the more edgy fashion week. Young, up and coming designers make their mark with fresh and original designs, while more established designers innovate with fabrics and designs. Burberry brought back the denim jacket, Topshop Unique embraced the sporty vibe and Tom Ford has a decidedly Saint Laurent feel to the collection. Read on to see what my top take away trends from LFW were.

1. Sporty

Many collections had a sport luxe vibe about them this season. Think trainers, sport socks, tennis whites and bodysuits. This trend has gained momentum over the last number of seasons and looks to be huge next spring summer. Part of it’s appeal is that it is so easy to wear. Who doesn’t want to wear trainers everyday? They are the most comfortable gift to women’s feet since the invention of the Birkenstock! To avoid looking like Sporty Spice on the Spice World Tour, keep your colour palette neutral and add splashes of colour like Topshop Unique with the bands of black, wine and orange.

topshop uniquetopshop unique 3vivienne westwood red labeltopshop unique 2richard nicoll 5richard nicoll 8preenjoseph 4pringle of scotland

2. See Through

Like New York Fashion Week, designers in London are also sticking with the transparent trend. Not for the faint of heart obviously, but it can be done in a more subtle way. Layer a slip dress underneath your sheer garment or go for something unexpected like cigarette pants and a string top which would make the sheer garment another layer to your outfit instead of your whole outfit.

topshop unique 9topshop unique 8topshop unique 7topshop unique 4joseph 7richard nicoll 10simone rocha 4burberry 2

3. Bold Prints

I’ve talked about bold prints before. It’s a love hate relationship for me. This being I love bold prints but they hate me and my 5 foot 2 frame. For those of you that can wear bold prints easily, wear them with confidence. Ease yourself into this trend with a dress or separates that you can pair with neutrals. I’ll be on the hunt for a bold print that doesn’t take over my whole body.

preen 2matthew williamsonburberry 5temperley london 3giles 2erdemhouse of hollandissa 3

4. Coats

I adore getting new coats each autumn for the winter ahead. Designers are now looking at the spring summer coat more as we all know how unpredictable the weather is. Look for a gorgeous duster coat that will add length to your body or go more practical with a raincoat in a bright colour. Take note of your wardrobe and the items that you wear most and let this help you to decide what type of coat would fit in best with your style.

topshop unique 6richard nicoll 2mary katrantzourichard nicoll 6jw anderson 2paul smith 4jasper conranlucas nascimento

5. Metallics

Metallics were all over LFW. Whether it was a motif on a sweater, a jacket or a dress, metallic is something to watch out for next season. There is a metallic tone to suit everyone. More silver based tones can wash you out so be careful of that. Golden metallics look great but try to avoid anything too yellow as this metallic trend is more subtle.

topshop unique 5richard nicollrichard nicoll 9richard nicoll 7marchesa 3mary katrantzou 3mary katrantzou 2jonathan saunders 5

6. Decadent

Think layers of ruffles, intricate lace, glossy feathers, and laser cut leather. it all comes together for a decadent, luxurious feel. This trend is very wearable for both daytime and nighttime and you don’t have to commit to a full look. A simple ruffle on a top, a feathered skirt, a lace waistcoat over another top. It really is a trend that you can make your own.

vivienne westwood red label 3simone rocha 6issajonathan saunders 4jonathan saunders 6burberry 8erdem 6erdem 7

7. Show Some Skin

This is different to the transparent trends as this is has more of a peek-a-boo effect. Showing some thigh, a sliver of your waistline, a low V in front. It’s about subtle and some not-so-subtle flashes of skin. We saw this in NYFW too, the thigh high slits and the low cut V’s. It can be done tastefully, just think if you are showing your thigh then try to have your arms covered. It will mean that you’re not showing too much skin and keeping the look tasteful.

tom fordrichard nicoll 4tom ford 4matthew williamsonlucas nascimento 2felder felder 4tom ford 2christopher kane 2giles 3

8. Denim

Burberry was the main place for denim this season although it did pop up on other runways. A denim jacket or shirt is a great addition to your wardrobe. They are so versatile and easy to wear. I would recommend looking for a darker or medium wash as lighter denim can look very dirty quickly. Pair your denim jacket with something unexpected like a beautiful skirt and sneakers for an unexpected twist on this classic wardrobe staple.

joseph 2burberry 3burberryburberry 4

 Those were my top trends for LFW. I will be uploading my Milan trends post soon. It’s so hard to concentrate on it when I’m also keeping an eye on the Paris shows! Later this week I will also be posting my Miami diary so keep a look out for that!



New York, 2014

21 Sep

  I am back from one of the best trips I have ever been on! It’s started to become an annual thing that my friends and I head off on a big trip. Last year was Vegas, this year we headed to New York where our friends are living, and then to Miami. It was 10 days of sun, shopping, exploring and crazy nights out. The Miami post will be posted later next week. We did so much that having it all in one post would make it ridiculously long!

Day One

Three of us landed in New York and met up with our friend who flew from London. We headed straight for the juice bar for some essential green juices and then went to get our nails done. It was so nice to sit and chill out while catching up. We then went to Dos Tacos for some incredible food and ate in the sun in Union Square. Later that night we went to this place called the VIP room. We weren’t huge fans of that place to be honest, so we left and headed to Le Bain at the Standard. The views were gorgeous, the cocktails were so tasty and it was great to see one of our friend’s favourite places to go.


IMG_6356 photo 2

IMG_5725 photo

Day Two

On the Sunday morning, I got up super early and headed to Madewell. I have been dying to go to Madewell for so long. I love all their clothes, shoes, accessories – basically everything! The autumn winter stock in Madewell is amazing, I definitely recommend going in and stocking up. Afterwards I met the girls at the Marc by Marc Jacobs accessories shop near Bleeker where I bought a watch that I have had my eye on for a while. For those of you that haven’t been to Marc by Marc Jacobs on Bleeker – warning – there is about 10 different stores and it will take you forever to find the one you want! We headed for brunch and a cocktail after shopping and then walked along The Highline. One of our friends has never been to New York before so we decided to do some touristy things. We went to Macy’s at Herald Square and then to Times Square before heading back to the apartment with all our shopping. That night we went to Not Your Standard Bingo at the Standard. That is definitely something I would recommend that you do the next time you’re in New York. It’s completely crazy and impossible to explain, so just go!

photo 3

photo 1 IMG_6357

IMG_6363 IMG_6358

Day Three

The day started with a delicious breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien. Their chocolate spread is to die for! I could actually eat the blonde and brunette spreads every day for the rest of my life and not get sick of them. After that, a few of us headed off for a helicopter ride of Manhattan. It was the most incredible experience. I’m not lying when I say I was completely terrified, but after a while I, mostly, forgot my fear because the views were so incredible. I will never forget seeing the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and all of Manhattan from up in the sky. If you’re in New York and looking for a unique experience – I highly recommend it! That evening, we headed to Williamsburg in Brooklyn for dinner. It was a bit of a disaster because we are a pretty indecisive bunch as it turns out and we just keep walking around trying to find somewhere that we all wanted to eat. At least we saw a lot of Brooklyn in the end! And we didn’t feel guilty about eating all that pizza (at the restaurant that we finally chose) because we had just walked for miles to get it! Clearly we hadn’t walked enough however, as we walked the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan afterwards. I have seen the New York skyline before at night and there’s really nothing like it. We then headed to the Dead Rabbit for a few cocktails and to give our exhausted feet a break!


IMG_5839 IMG_5840photo photoIMG_5868 IMG_5873

Day Four

We were very slow leaving the apartment on our last full day in New York. We went to Katz Deli for a sandwich. I’ve always wanted to go to Katz Deli. When Harry Met Sally is one of my Dad’s favourite movies and I know he’d love that I had been to the movies most famous scene setting. The food there was so good – best turkey I’ve had in forever! We still had loads of sightseeing that we needed to do so we went to 5th Avenue, Rockefeller, St Patricks Cathedral, Trump Towers and Central Park. It’s amazing how much you can fit into a day when you’re in a rush! After dinner, myself and two of the girls went to 230 Fifth, this lovely rooftop bar with amazing views of the Empire State Building. It was so nice to sit out, over-looking to city, wrapped up in our red robes while we sipped cocktails. It was the perfect end to an incredible few days in New York.

IMG_6359 IMG_5907

photo 2 IMG_5932

 IMG_5922 IMG_5927

New York is such an amazing city, I already can’t wait to go back! New York Fashion Week was on the same time I was there, don’t forget to check out my NYFW Trend Report! I will be posting about my trip to Miami in the next couple of days so keep a look out for that!



P.S – If you’d like to see more photos from my New York trip, check out my friends Instagrams (big thanks to them for letting me use some of their amazing photos!) – Aisling, Becky, Greta, Jenny, Sarah

NYFW: The Best Bits SS15

19 Sep

Apologies for the blogging hiatus! I did have a post scheduled to go live before I left for New York but after some technical difficulties – I suck at using the WordPress app – the post was deleted. With no time to recreate the post, I had to leave it and head on my holidays. But now I’m back and ready to dive into the Spring Summer trends!

 I was lucky enough to be in New York for Fashion Week and it was pretty crazy! I didn’t head to any shows but I will be giving you a full trip breakdown soon so keep a look out for that.

So back to NYFW. As always there were incredible designers showing such as Alexander Wang, Thakoon, Victoria Beckham, Calvin Klein, Zac Posen, Vera Wang, Rag & Bone, Proenza Schouler, 3.1 Philip Lim, Oscar de la Renta… the list goes on and on! Here are some of the top trends that I spotted from NYFW.

1. The Slit

I think we can blame Angelina Jolie for this one. The thigh high slit is one of the most dominant trends from NYFW. This hip grazing trend is not for the faint of heart but you can manage to make it look elegant if done correctly. Aim to find a dress with a higher neckline or covered shoulders to balance out the flesh to clothing ratio. If you go for the skirt and top combo, look for a looser fitting top, again with a higher neckline and the outfit will balance out.

donna karen 2donna karen 3proneza schouler 4jason wualtuzarra 2jason wu 8jason wu 5jason wu 6dvf 6

2. The Crop

Ok, I’ve been hearing a few reports lately that the crop top is done. I beg to differ, and it looks like the runways do too. Yes, crop tops are looking a little tired and need a fresher look. But I do think, come next spring, after hibernating in our warm coats and jumpers for months on end, the crop top will be embraced again.

marc jacobs 2rag and bone 4marc by marc jacobsmichael kors 2rag and bone 2prabal gurung 3marc jacobs 6dvf 2

3. Muted Tones

I am loving the understated and muted tones that were all over the runways. So refreshing to see for Spring Summer. Rosy pinks, soft khakis, off whites, muted berries and greens. It’s a fresh take on summer colours and I really enjoy it. The soft khaki will look incredible with sun kissed skin!

narciso rodriguez 3victoria beckham 3michael kors 6rag and bone 5calvin klein 4peter sompeter som 3jason wu 7prabal gurungmichael kors 4derek lam

4. Gingham

I have had an aversion to gingham since I was forced into a particularly nasty gingham dress as a child, when all I wanted to do was wear my jeans. However, the blue gingham co-ord below might just change my mind. Tread carefully with gingham and keep your accessories and other clothing simple and in similar tones.

dvfoscar de la rentadvf 5dvf 3altuzarraoscar de la renta 2oscar de la renta 4

5. The Low V

So the choice is to go high thigh or low v in the front it seems. Personally, I am small chested and I have always embraced a low cut top or dress. I think it can look elegant as long as you’re not showing too much other skin. Ladies with curves, embrace this trend too and remember that double sided tape is our best friend!

altuzarra 4bcbg 3jason wu 10thakoon 2bcbg 2the row 4prabal gurung 2

6. All Sorts of Stripes

Stripes always make an appearance for Spring Summer, something to do with sailor vibes. This season, designers injected some colour, shape and size into the stripes, elevating them from the classic stripe. Watch out with horizontal stripes, it has the ability to undo all that healthy eating and exercise you’ve been doing in an instant!

dknydkny 2peter som 2oscar de la renta 6victoria beckham 2

7. Full of Volume

Ok, I know the Olsen twins are my height, and I know they pull of the excessive volume look often, same goes for Miroslava Duma, but I still have my reservations about diving into this trend myself. I’m still looking for a full midi skirt that doesn’t instantly shrink me. I think it’s all about confidence with this trend. Tall girls of the world – I am endlessly jealous.

the row 3carolina herrera 4dkny 3the row 6the row

8. Transparency

So if showing of your thigh or having a plunging V going down your front isn’t risque enough for you, then there’s always the transparent trend. Buy yourself some nice underwear, put on a smile and strut like you’re walking the New York runway yourself.

altuzarra 5vera wang 5rag and bone 3michael kors 5rodartealtuzarra 3oscar de la renta 5michael kors 3michael kors 7

9. Suede

Personally, I am a huge suede fan. There is something so luxurious about the fabric. Never mind the fact that I am terrified to wear suede in the rain. I bought Chelsea boots a few months ago, and I’d say I’ve worn them twice because I am too scared that it will suddenly, spontaneously rain and ruin them forever. A suede top or skirt would be the perfect addition to any wardrobe and will instantly update several outfits.

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10. Belt It

Another simple outfit update is to add a belt to your outfit. Jackets, dresses, skirts, waistcoats, you name it, you should belt it. Instantly slimming and so simple, anyone could do it. Invest in a couple of decent belts at the start of the season and you won’t regret it.

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Obviously there we’re other trends on the NYFW runways – fringing, primary colours, the subtle bell bottom, ruffles, orange, etc, but these are the trends that stuck out to me. Feel free to add your thoughts on your favourite NYFW trends below!

I will be posting my London Fashion Week review very soon so keep a look out for that!



The Girls Are Back In Town

28 Aug

Very proud of myself for finally doing a proper outfit round up post – it’s been a while! It’s been another crazy week. I’m finishing up my current job in a week’s time and there is so much stuff to wrap up and organise. I didn’t realise I’d have this much to do! But back to the start of this week. One of my lovely friends Sarah was home from New York so we all decided to have a girls night out. I was saving this crop top for another occasion, but it was the only thing I felt like I wanted to wear that night. I paired it with my favourite leather mini skirt and heels for a simple look. It was a very messy night out! We’re still trying to piece it altogether a week later. Judging by the photos we had a great time though!

IMG_5226.JPGCropTop: Missguided

Leather Skirt: Asos

Heels: Zara

Necklace: Topshop

Also, how cute are my friends?! I’m telling you, it’s hard work being friends with such a bunch of hotties!


My youngest sister began secondary school on Monday. She is going to the same school that I went to, which has a royal blue uniform. So I decided to wear royal blue in solidarity! I hope she enjoys these next 6 years. They’ll be difficult at times, but I know she can rise to the challenge! IMG_5282.JPGTop: Zara

Jeans: Topshop

Boots: Topshop

There is nothing I love more than wearing a big cosy sweater on a horrible, rainy day. This sweater is from Zara and I can already tell that I am going to wear it all winter. It’s a gorgeous, chunky knit and so comfortable to wear. My only criticism is that this sweater only comes in Small or Medium. The sleeves are supposed to be cropped, but I like longer sleeves, so because of that I got the Medium. But I would have got a large had they had it! Nothing nicer than a big, baggy sweater in my opinion!

IMG_5362.JPGSweater: Zara

Jeans: Topshop

Boots: Topshop

Black Long Sleeve Top: Forever21

Ok, when you get a day of sunshine wedged in between two gross days, it’s important to take advantage! I took out my white Birks to give them one last spin for the Irish summer. The shirt actually used to be my mom’s until I borrowed it and essentially never gave it back. I can’t even tell you how many of my friends have worn this shirt. It’s definitely a favourite. I sometimes wear it as a dress with a black tube skirt underneath. Such a versatile piece!IMG_5380.JPG

 Shirt: Zara

Jeans: Topshop


Friday was not lovely. I actually had to turn my light on in my room to take this photo. That’s one of my least favourite parts of winter, when you get up in the dark and have to put the light on to get dressed and have breakfast. It’s lovely and cosy in the evenings, but if you’re not a morning person like me, it definitely makes life a little harder! Another one of my lovely friends Becky was home for the weekend, so Friday evening we went over to her house and completely pigged out. No exaggeration! There was fajitas, wine, crisps, strawberries with melted chocolate, blueberries, cupcakes, profiteroles, more crisps and more wine. I woke up very full yesterday!


 Top: Zara

Jeans: Topshop

Boots: Topshop

Necklace: River Island

That’s all I have for you guys this week! I’m on a roll now so keep an eye out for the next outfit update next week!

Have a great weekend!


Barcelona, 2014

27 Aug

Oh god I have been so M.I.A from this for a while! Sorry about that! I was in Barcelona with my family and things have been manic since I returned. We’re back on track now though. I thought I’d show you some pictures from my lovely holiday in Barcelona. It really is such a gorgeous city. I’ve never been before so I was really excited to explore the city, eat some tapas and drink plenty of Mojitos!


Barcelona has so much amazing architecture. We went on a cable car and it was incredible to look out over the city and see the Sagrada Familia, the ocean, the mountains surrounding the city. It’s the most surreal way to see the city in all its glory!




The weather was amazing too, really sunny and warm most days. There was the occasional cloudy afternoon but apart from myself and one of my sisters, my family don’t like spending too much time in the sun so it was perfect for them!




There is the most gorgeous food market in Barcelona. Literally any fruit you can think of, it was there! There was incredible macadamia nuts, wines, cheese, it was paradise! I easily could have spent hours there.




I loved how one minute you would be in a super narrow street, flags hanging from balconies, wondering where on earth you were, and then the next minute you could be by the sea, surrounded by palm trees. The mix of city life and beach life is amazing. It really reminds me of Chicago where the city is right by the sea. The best of both worlds!


We went to the Olympic swimming pool one afternoon. It sits up in the hills, overlooking the entire city. It was such an incredible view while sunbathing. The only thing is there are no deck chairs so you had to lie your towel on the concrete floor. Not very fun after a while, my back was pretty sore the next day!




One of the nights we went out for dinner opposite this stunning cathedral. After dinner we walked out into the square and there was a stage set up with music being played from the 50s through to the 80s! It was such a brilliant night, I was exhausted after all the dancing! Such an incredible backdrop too!


We were lucky to be in Barcelona the same time as the Gracia Festival. This take place in Gracia, a neighbourhood in Barcelona where all the streets would be decorated in a different theme. It was crazy! There was people everywhere and the most bizarre and incredible decorations. My photos don’t do it justice at all. We stumbled upon another concert in a square with amazing acoustic music. If you’re ever planning a trip to Barcelona, plan it to coincide with Gracia festival if you can. It’s definitely worth a visit!




On of my favourite parts of Barcelona, apart from Zara (!) was all the ice cream. I have never had so much sorbet and ice cream in my life! But they were too good to turn down!



So there you have it, my Barcelona trip! It was so lovely to go on a trip with my family. We had such a lovely time in a beautiful city. I would definitely recommend a trip to Barcelona. There is so much to do see, eat, drink and a Zara on every corner, what’s not to love!


I promise there will be a new blog post soon with my outfits from the past few days. Quite a lot of catching up to do but we’ll get there eventually! I hope you’re all having a wonderful week!




Birk Obsessed

10 Aug

It was definitely a week where the effects of the Galway Races and the bank holiday weekend caught up with me. I had to drag myself out of bed pretty much every day. This is why there are only 3 outfits for you guys this week. Didn’t realise until I saw the three outfits together, how much I’ve been wearing my black Birks. They’re so handy to just throw on! Although I need to stop wearing them to bars, they’re getting destroyed.

On Sunday night I went out for food with two of the girls. This started out as a nice chill dinner, a few cocktails, and escalated to me getting home at 6 am. It was such a fun night though! I kept my look simple with a black linen blazer, jeans and a cream cami. I wore my Birks and threw on this pretty scarf to add a little colour to the look. Lately I’ve been taking a really laid back approach to doing my hair. I literally dry it and leave it when I’m out of the shower. I’m just too lazy to be messing around with curlers and straighteners some days!IMG_4658.JPG

Linen blazer: Topshop

Cami: Topshop

Jeans: J Brand


Scarf: Not sure, it’s my mom’s!

Necklace: Marc Jacobs

Watch: Asos

I’m lucky that where I work at the moment has a really casual vibe. I can pretty much wear whatever I want and no one minds. On Wednesday, I went for quite a relaxed vibe. Ripped jeans, plaid shirt, simple cotton tee. So easy to throw on and go. My favourite type of outfit!.


Shirt: Topshop

Jeans: Topshop

Tee: COS


Bag: Urban Outfitters

Thursday was so nice out and I didn’t want to wear jeans. I bought this dress ages ago, but I’ve never worn it. Its super soft jersey material and I love the colour. I decided to do something different with my hair so I went with a messy braid. I never really wear my hair up as I don’t think it suits me, so a braid is as far as I am willing to go!IMG_4754.JPG

Dress: Topshop


Watch: Asos

That’s all from this weeks round up. I’m off to pack for my next trip! Follow me on Instagram for updates!



Galway Races, 2014

7 Aug

Up until last weekend, I had never been to the Galway Races. I missed out on them last year, so this year I was determined to go. It may have rained a little… Ok a lot on Thursday. And the dress I ordered may not have arrived on time, but I still had an brilliant weekend with an amazing bunch of girls. Thanks to Jenny and Laura, I actually have some photos of my outfits – I know it’s a miracle! You can check out their other pictures on Instagram – Jenny & Laura.

Night one was the Thursday night. I wore this black dress from Asos. I’ve had it for a year or two now and it’s one of those dresses that I feel really comfortable in. I paired it with my black and gold Zara shoes and had my hair done that day by the lovely Brian in Peter Marks on Grafton Street. Pity it rained all night and ruined it…. Oh well!IMG_4646.JPG


Friday afternoon we headed to the races. As the dress I ordered didn’t arrive, I wore my back up dress instead. This wine dress is from Sandro and is actually perfect for the races. I wore gold strappy sandals, again from Zara and a fascinator. It’s gold here but was actually originally grey. My mom did a little DIY job on it to match my shoes! IMG_4739.JPGIMG_4727.JPG

Friday night rolled around and I decided to change my dress for that night. I wasn’t the only one so it wasn’t a total diva move! This dress is another one that I’ve had for ages. It’s this amazing cobalt blue colour which I think works well with my colouring. You can’t see the full look here, but I wore it to a wedding back in November too. I decided to keep jewellery to a minimum because of the bright colour of the dress.IMG_4737.JPG




To say that our feet were burning the next day is a serious understatement! Two days and nights in heels, dancing, walking and rushing around the place is a little much on the feet. I have never been so happy to wear my Birkenstocks the next day, and I wasn’t the only one!IMG_4638.JPG

I had such an amazing weekend. I am definitely going again next year, and this time I’m ordering my dress well in advance! I think I will also try to get a more dramatic fascinator for next year too. The one I wore was lovely and worked really well with my outfit, but I think I would like to wear something that makes a bit of a statement.



Excuse the various filters and quality of photos (mine are the awful blurry ones), I really should invest in a good camera, and of course, get better at actually taking photos! I hope you all had a lovely weekend!





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