Soaking Up The Sun

19 Apr

It’s been another crazy week! Lots going on and lot more to do. I do have final college exams over the next two weeks so if I’m a little M.I.A for a while, you know why! The weather has been amazing the last while here in Dublin.Sunny, warm, gelato eating kind of weather. A couple more degrees and it will be time to break out the summer dresses and shorts, I can’t wait!

My new ripped jeans are quickly becoming a favourite. They’re really light and have the feel of a well worn, loved pair of jeans. I kept it really simple with a black Cos tee, my leather jacket and my Nikes. Reflective sunglasses and huge hair finished off this look. Don’t know why my hair was so big, literally woke up that way and decided to just embrace it!


Topshop Leather Jacket

Topshop Ripped Jeans

Nike Trainers

Cos Tee

I love hats as you have probably seen before. This one I bought in Chicago, its a gorgeous burgundy colour and I feel like it just goes with everything. I wore black boots, white jeans and a really light, grey sweater. Such an easy outfit to throw on and I was super comfortable all day.


Forever21 Hat

Forever21 Sweater

Topshop Jeans

Topshop Boots

H&M have some really nice, summery pieces at the moment, I highly recommend checking them out. I picked up this light sweater in this gorgeous colour on Wednesday. It’s really bright and perfect for summer. I love the slightly longer hemline at the back too. Again I wore my ripped jeans with this and was ready for the day.20140419-122424.jpg

H&M Sweater

Topshop Jeans

Topshop Boots

Sorry that I only took snaps of three outfits this week.It’s been crazy busy and half the time I would forget to take a photo or wouldn’t have time to take a photo, it really has been a manic week!

Hope you all have a lovely Easter weekend!



One Year Of Okaybee

16 Apr

It’s official. This blog is one year today. Many of you, especially my friends, will be surprised to hear that as I kept the blog a secret for about 6 months before I was found out! I didn’t feel confident enough to tell people about it and so I kept it hidden from everyone. I even created separate Instagram and Twitter accounts for it. Seems so dramatic now, but I’m glad I did it that way. It gave me time to explore the blogging world and to just write about anything and everything. I’ve decided to share some of my favourite memories with you from the last year. There were so many more but I didn’t want you guys to be scrolling for hours!

20130423-222537.jpg IMG_5042


I started this blog because I have such a love for the fashion industry. I love the clothes, the collections, the designers, the marketing, how the fashion world embraces technology like no other industry. I love it all. I think this blog has given me a greater appreciation for the work that goes into collections and editorials as I research them now and understand them so much better.



This blog has been a little calm zone for me in what has been an incredibly challenging year, for a variety of reasons. Whenever I needed to, I would research something, or look at an collection from a few seasons ago for inspiration, or try to put together different combinations of outfits that I hadn’t tried before. It helped me to zone out and just focus on something that I love doing. I’m so happy I started this blog, and I’m even more happy that I’ve stuck with it. It’s hard work! But I love every minute.


Since I’ve started Okaybee so many great things have happened because of the blog. From joining forces with The Hunt, receiving lovely gifts, getting to view collections, guest blogging for and being featured on The Edit (the blog for My Unidays) and becoming the first fashion writer for The Imperic. It’s been insanely busy but so rewarding. I hope it continues on and that I can continue to balance things.



I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who follow me and read my blog. Some of you have been here since day one and it’s so amazing to read your comments and see you guys liking my posts. I love hearing your feedback and in turn reading your blogs.


Here’s to the last 12 months. There’s been highs and lows, crazy moments and opportunities and it’s all been a great experience. Here’s looking towards the next year.






It’s All Good

14 Apr

Do you ever just have an amazing week? Everything seems to be coming together and working in your favour and things just make sense. I just had one of those weeks. Lots of good news, seeing friends and family – life is good! It’s been really sunny here for the last while, I’m dreaming of summer time at this stage! It’s still quite cold so tights are still essentials, but hopefully soon I’ll be able to wear something other than jeans and skirts with tights! This first outfit was so comfortable. I love mixing denim and leather together. I just think they work so well. I broke things up a bit with my gold eagle necklace.


Penny’s Denim Jacket

Zara Sweater

Zara Leather Skirt with Zips

Topshop Boots

Topshop Eagle Necklace

Ok so I already did a post last week fangirling over my new sneakers, but I still had to include them in this post! I love wearing sneakers, so comfortable and perfect for days when you have to run around the place for meetings and errands.


Isabel Marant Tee

Zara Sweater

Topshop Jamie Jeans

Nike Roshe Palm Trees Sneakers

I was heading to the COS showroom last Thursday to see their new collection, it’s amazing fyi, and I wanted to wear something clean and fresh, just like COS. So I wore this COS shirt with this leather skirt. It’s actually dark green but that doesn’t really come across in the photo unfortunately. Such a lovely morning, I can’t wait for the collection to hit the shops.


COS Shirt

Zara Leather Skirt

Topshop Boots

I was going out on Saturday night for the first time in forever it seems! I got these leather trousers a while ago but haven’t had the chance to wear them yet so Saturday was the perfect opportunity. They’re dark brown, again, it doesn’t come across in the photo. I paired it with my Zara gold and black heels and a plain black top. Lots of gold bracelets and chains finished off the look.



Forever 21 Top

Zara Leather Trousers

Zara Heels

So it’s been a great week, lots of lovely surprises. I’m ready for another busy week this week, lots going on. Apologies if I fall off the radar for a little bit. I have college finals coming up so I need to study. I’ll do my best to keep posting as often as possible though!



COS Autumn Winter 2014 Preview

11 Apr

I think you guys have probably noticed by now that I love Cos. The simplicity of it, the quality, the style – I love it! So versatile and easy to wear. I was delighted to be invited to the preview of the Cos autumn winter 2014 which took place yesterday morning. Firstly, their new showroom is to die for! It’s exactly what I’d like my imaginary house to look like when I finally decide to be a grown up. So nice.

20140410-193434.jpg 20140410-132734.jpg

Anyway, the clothes. I loved the tones and colours in the collection. What immediately caught my eye was the rail of grey and powder blue. So many incredible pieces there, including incredibly soft grey trousers and a dark grey, tweed sleeveless top. Lots of raw hems and heavy fabrics, really beautiful. The next rail of clothes had more earthy tones, whites with camel and taupe. I loved so many of the white pieces. There was a gorgeous oversized white shirt with and entirely exposed back and a lovely white top with an exposed zip down the back made in a fabric that had a light sheen to it. Great transitional pieces. The final womens wear rail was much darker with navy dominating, but it had that amazing pop of neon too.




The bags were perfect. Completely perfect. I want both. The colours, the shape, the style, the fastenings – I love everything about them. I think these two bags will fly out. Its the little extra details that make them extraordinary.

20140410-132706.jpg  20140410-132718.jpg

These were two of my favourite pieces – there’s that white top with the exposed zip I was talking about. It doesn’t look like much in the photo, but the detail up close is amazing. The camel coat I completely fell in love with. Unfortunately, being 5 foot 2, there isn’t a chance of me wearing it. In my heeled boots, it still dragged along the floor. I’m all about oversized clothes, but this was ridiculous. Lovely tall ladies, wear it on my short behalf please!

20140410-132727.jpg  20140410-132750.jpg

These shoes caught my eye, so smart and understated, but with interesting details, like the camel coloured band, it almost looks like an elastic band! These would look great with a white shirt dress or a casual outfit that needs a little something extra.


 So there you have it. I’m going to settle down with my Cos lookbook now to drool over everything all over again. These pieces will be available in Cos stores and concessions from September onwards – I can’t wait!



Palm trees

9 Apr

So I’m pretty much in love with my new sneakers. And when I say pretty much I mean totally. They are the Nike Roshe Run Palm Trees and they are perfect for these days when I’m going to be running around the place.

I kept my outfit nice and simple, lots of black as usual. I have my most battered, but one of my most loved bags with me today. I got it in Urban Outfitters about 4 years ago and it has been dragged along everywhere with me, normally stuffed full with half my wardrobe.

Other details include my Topshop leather jacket, my reflective shades and my DVF headphones.







Kate Moss x Topshop

8 Apr

Finally! We can see what Kate Moss and the team at Topshop have created for their latest collaboration. Can I just say, I am really loving fringing at the moment and this collection is overloaded with fringe! There’s a white lace dress in the collection that all soon to be brides should seriously consider for a more chilled wedding, festival pieces feature heavily, and I fully expect the collection to sell out almost immediately.

There’s certainly pieces that aren’t my style at all, and that’s ok. I do feel its the type of collection that most people will find something they adore in it. I’ve put my favourites to the top and the others near the end, so you know what I’ll be reaching for come April 30. The launch date is fast approaching so make sure you check out all the pieces below and decide your favourites, after you stare open mouthed at Kate Moss modelling the collection that is…


kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-2-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639 kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-7-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-9-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-11-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-17-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-19-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-20-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-21-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-23-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-26-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-28-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-29-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-32-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-35-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-34-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-40-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-36-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-43-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-46-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-45-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-1-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639 kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-3-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639 kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-5-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639 kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-4-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639 kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-6-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639  kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-8-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639  kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-10-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639  kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-12-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639 kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-13-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639 kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-14-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639 kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-15-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639 kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-16-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639  kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-18-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639    kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-22-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639  kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-24-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639 kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-25-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639   kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-27-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639 kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-30-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-31-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639  kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-33-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639     kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-37-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639  kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-39-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639 kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-38-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639 kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-42-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639 kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-41-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639  kate-moss-for-topshop-spring-summer-2014-44-vogue-8april14-pr_426x639

So what do you think? What pieces will you be running for in stores and online?



Photo Credit:

Mixed Messages

6 Apr

The problem with not really having a defined style means that I often have no clue what I am going to look like or wear on a given day. The upside to not having a defined style is also that I have no clue what I am going to look like or wear on a given day. As you can tell I can’t decide if it’s a positive or not.

This week I went between two different looks. One day was quite preppy and classic, clean white shirt, moss green cargo pants with leopard print pumps. The next day I was tying plaid shirts around my waist and channeling my 90′s slightly grunge look. Then back to preppy… I think my dress sense is reflecting my state of mind. Confused.

photo 1 (1)

Cos Shirt, Zara Cargo Pants, Leopard Print Pumps

photo 1

Zara Top, Penny’s Shirt, J Brand Jeans, Topshop Boots

photo 2 (1)

Isabel Marant Tee, Topshop Shirt, J Brand Jeans, Topshop Boots, Topshop Necklace

  photo 4

Zara Blouse, Topshop Jeans, Topshop Boots

 photo 2

Cos Tee, Topshop Jacket, J Brand Jeans, Topshop Boots

I went to my Dad’s cousin’s for dinner this week. I love her and her husband, I consider them to be an adopted aunt and uncle. We had a great meal, too much wine, and when I headed upstairs to bed, I found Chanel on my pillow. Such a nice surprise! Its the Hydramax + Active Tint and it goes on like a dream. I definitely recommend checking it out on the Chanel site.

photo 3 (1)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!



Vanessa Paradis and The Edit

3 Apr

Vanessa Paradis is nothing short of flawless in this shoot for the Net-A-Porter magazine, The Edit. New hair, smoldering looks and incredible clothes make this a knockout. Altuzarra, Stelly McCartney, Emanuel Ungaro, Adam Lippes, Proenza Schouler, Helmut Lang and Givenchy all feature in these photos. Its the perfect mix of sexy, but not trying hard, at all. Very French, very Paradis.

the-edit vanesavanesa-paradisproductsBG (1)productsBG (2)productsBG

I would definitely recommend reading this article. Vanessa is charming, unassuming, down to earth and a total lady. I think the final lines of the article sum Paradis up perfectly

“Make your own opportunities, don’t rely on others, take charge of your own life: the new Vanessa Paradis is in great shape, in full control and utterly inspiring.”

 productsBG (3)



Photo Credit: The Edit

Five Looks

29 Mar

  It’s been another crazy week with a lot on my plate. Meetings, interviews, work, college assignments, it’s all go! I have got better at posting my Outfits of the Day on Instagram though so I hope I’ll get my blogging balance back soon! Here’s my outfits for the past few days and some details on where to shop the looks.

This was a super simple, throw on and go outfit. Lots of basics, broken up with a scarf with similar colours. You can easily change this to more of an evening look with a black blazer, swapping the blue scarf for a red silk scarf and a pop of red lipstick. Easy peasy!

photo 1

Isabel Marant Etoile T-Shirt 

Topshop Jamie Jeans

Topshop All Mine Boots

Similar Denim Jacket

Similar Scarf

I borrowed this top from my mom. Its a great way to break up the black jeans and leather jacket. I had some red lipstick from Mac (Limited edition Dangerous) on to keep the look from being too dark.

photo 2

Topshop Leather Bomber

Similar Striped Top

J Brand 620 Super Skinny Jeans

The sun was out with no chance of rain so I had to wear my white Jamies. I kept everything neutral with similar tones of white, grey and silver. Without the coat and bag it’s actually a very casual look.

 photo 3 (1)

Similar Zara Coat

Similar Grey Top

Topshop Jamie Jeans

Silver Leather Converse

Philip Lim for Target Tote: may be available on Ebay

I had an interview on Thursday morning but I didn’t want to spend the rest of the day in my interview clothes (a Sandro pencil skirt and black heels from Aldo). So I swapped the skirt for a leather skirt with zip detailing and changed out of my heels into my boots. Very quickly I went from interview mode to a more casual look.

 photo (2)

COS White Shirt

Zara Black Leather Skirt with Zip

I can’t even describe how sleepy I was when I took this photo! Lack of sleep and being so busy was taking its toll for sure. Keeping things basic and comfortable was of top importance yesterday! I always find if you feel like you’re not looking your best, put on a hat and it will add that touch of chic to your outfit. Hats let you get away with everything!

photo 4

Topshop Leigh Jeans

Topshop Chelsea Boots

Similar Zara Sweater

Topshop Felt Hat

That’s my round up of outfits for the last week. I hope you all have a great weekend!



Proenza Schouler x MAC

24 Mar

I wrote about this collaboration a while ago when it was first announced so to say I am excited that the collection is finally here is a major understatement. The first pictures of the Proenza Schouler x MAC collaboration have blown me away. It’s a perfect balance of light and dark. The nude nail varnish, the deep purple lipstick, the fresh pink blush. It screams spring time while also maintaining that darker edge. I am so excited to see this Proenza Schouler collection in MAC counters this April.


20140324-202537.jpg  20140324-202543.jpg

20140324-202549.jpg  20140324-202555.jpg

20140324-202602.jpg  20140324-202608.jpg

20140324-202613.jpg  20140324-202618.jpg

20140324-202650.jpg   20140324-202645.jpg

photo 2  photo 3  photo 1

I am literally in love with this collection! What do you guys think?



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